A family is a circle of love (Choti Sardarni Fan Fiction) #3 Meher answers Sarab

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Hi guys, sorry for not posting last week, I was a little busy…Regarding the title, well it is the same fanfiction with a different title because there is already another ff with the same title…so instead of  “Home is where the heart is”, it is going to be”A family is a circle of love”.Let’s begin; I will just write the last dialogue also, just in case ull forgot it…Sarab: Meher Ji I can’t understand so many things…why all this Seerat Ji business and all?? Why didn’t you show me your face and all??? And Seher? My daughter?! I can’t just understand what is happening…Meher Ji answer me(his voice becoming sterner)PRECAP: Meher is crying and talking to Sarab while Karan and Paran are hugging Seher tightly while somebody’s shadow creeps behind them…………………………………….Meher: Sarabjeet Ji, I’m sorry. that’s it. I can’t say more. I love my family a lot and it was the least I could do. I don’t want to say anything else.Sarab: Meher Ji I didn’t stay away from you for 5 years just to hear this. I want an answer. That is final. (angrily)Meher: I know you are angry and you have every right to be angry also…ok just give me some time, I will tell you everything.Meher gives a written letter to Sarab. He reads it and is shocked and angry as wellSarab: Meher Ji what is this??Meher: Sarabjeet Ji, I wanted to take my life, but when I realised that I was pregnant, I did not want to commit the sin of taking an innocent life too. (starts crying) So, Seher was the only reason because of which I am alive today…I had written this as my suicide letter…but I had to stay strong for Seher( Meher turns to look for Seher…she doesn’t find her. Even Karn and Param are not there)Meher: Where did the kids go? Seher? Param? Karan? where are you’ll?Sarab: Param took them in.………………………………….Outside:Param is hugging his siblings and they are very happy to reunite.Param: Seher do you know that I was the one who chose your name by joining Meher mumma’s and papa’s name…I remember that day very well…Seher: So from today you are my super Veer Ji!Karan: What about me chotu?Seher: All this while I called u by ur name, so I will stick with it.Karan: Hey not fair huh!Param: Let it be Karan…………………………………….Inside:Meher: See Sarabjeet Ji, as u read, I didn’t want to spoil my family’s name, Punjab dal(Sarabs political party) and Harleen di’s name. I had to stay away from mummy Ji also. I will never be able to face her ever.Sarab: Meher Ji, I can believe that my sherni(lioness) would even think of taking her life…You know that I am always with you and we always face our problems together, Remember”Jab Meher aur Sarab saath hai, tab…..  Just the Sarab sees a shadow creeping behind them…..Sarab: Who is there over there??He runs out to see and sees a waiter with a letter in his hand.Sarab: Oh! I’m so sorry…I mistook you to be someone else…who sent this letter?Waiter: I don’t know sir but I was told that it should come in your hands only.Sarab: Really? Wait let me see…Meher: What is it Sarabjeet ji? A letter?They read the letter. It says:Dear Sardarji and Sardarni ji,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Greetings.I hope this letter has reached you’ll at the correct time. Hope you guys are well by the grace of God. If you are wondering who I am, then you will have to keep wondering… I know that you’ll have found your better halves, but doesn’t that call for a party? And you kids? They found their long lost sister after 5 years! I am just giving you’ll more reasons to party … So go back home and celebrate! I don’t think poor Karan can stay in the cold any longer… Still wondering who I am? Well, you’ll know me very well. But let my identity remain a secret, for now.And yes, you’ll catch up with each other while travelling, for now, I have also enclosed some tickets to go back to Punjab. All of you should be there by tomorrow night. I have kept a party for you guys. See you’ll soon.Truly,Ek Khass Insaan.(A special person)………………………………….Meher: Who is this khaas insaan?Sarab: C’mon Meher Ji, let’s go to Punjab to find out.Meher: But I didn’t even complete…Sarab: See, the person also said that we can catch up while travelling. So let’s go!Meher: Kids! where are you’ll?The kids come and Sarab tells them that they are going back to PunjabPRECAP: All of them are dancing and celebrating when a servant comes and gives Meher another letter…So that was it! hope ull liked it…I made it long to make up for last week….comments and feedbacks are always accepted…see ull next week! Toodles!

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