A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 8)

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Thank you everyone for supporting me. I am busy with exams so I am unable to reply everyone individually. Many of my readers wanted Vansh’s jealousy track. I’ll try to add it but only after my exams as I have already written episodes before exams. And one more news, I’ll upload next episodes once in two days.At night, everyone came downstairs for dinner.Vansh : Sweetheart come and sit beside me.Ahana : Ok Thank you so much Vanshu.Seeing Vansh and Ahana sitting nearer to each other and chatting Riddhima felt a pain in heart. Her eyes have tears in it which is noticed by Siya and Vansh. Seeing Riddhima in tears, a strange and deep pain felt to Vansh also. Then to make Riddhu jealous, Vansh and Ahana feeded each other.Riddhima hided her tears and asked dadi.Riddhima : Dadi, I don’t feel hungry. Can I go for a walk in the garden?Dadi : Riddhima beta, you didn’t eat anything then how can’t you feel hungry.Uma : Mom is right Riddhu. You didn’t have anything yet. Please eat something otherwise you will feel tired.Riddhima : Uma mom, I really don’t feel hungry. If I ever become hungry in night then I’ll come straight to kitchen and eat anything. You don’t worry.Ajay : But Riddhu, What happened to my princess suddenly? Is there any problem?Riddhima : No uncle. I just need to breath fresh air. I’ll come after sometime.Uma : But..Ajay : No Uma. If she really want to breath some fresh air then let her do it. (To Riddhu) You go beta but should surely come after some time. Don’t be too late.Siya : If so then I would like to accompany Riddhu.Riddhima : No Siya. Please. I just want to spend some time alone.She went outside saying So. Vansh who observed the whole conversation is sure that Riddhima is hurt by his actions and he felt guilty.After sometime everyone is going to bed.Siya : Dadi, Riddhu didn’t arrived yet. I’ll go and check her.Dadi : Ok beta.Vansh : No Siya. You don’t go. I’ll go and check her.Siya : Ok bhai.Vansh went to garden and saw Riddhima sitting on a bench. He noticed that she is crying. Seeing her tears he felt that all his world is crumbling down. He went towards her and placed his hands on her shoulder. Riddhima turned suddenly when she felt someone ‘s touch. She shocked to see Vansh and wiped her tears. He sat on the bench nearer to her.Riddhima : Vansh.. you.. here… What are you doing here?Vansh : Forget the question that what i am doing here and tell me why are you crying.Riddhima : Why should you care whether i am crying or not. Its my tears. So its my choice to decide whether I should cry or not. Go and spend time with your sweetheart.Vansh(thinking) : This crazy girl…Anyway why should I care her. But my heart says to wipe her tears and spend time with her.Riddhima snaps her fingers.Riddhima : Where are you lost Vansh. Didn’t you hear me. Go and leave me alone.Vansh : I didn’t come to leave you alone. I came to take you inside. If you sit here for more time then you’ll catch cold. Then dadi will be worried and tell me to call doctor and I have to bring the doctor and..Riddhima : Stop it Vansh. You don’t have to do so much for me. I’ll come with you. Problem solved?Vansh : Its better.They two wake up from the bench and walks towards house. Suddenly Riddhima stumbles upon a stone and she sprained her leg. She is going to fall down and she closed her eyes tightly but she felt someone ‘s hand on her waist supporting her. She opened her cute eyes to find Vansh supporting her from falling.They share a eyelock. Ishq mein marjawan plays in the bg. After looking into each others eyes for a long time , when aware of surroundings Vansh freed her from his hands. She then tried to walk but she felt a pain in the legs bcoz of the sprain. Understanding that she can’t walk because of the sprain Vansh lifted her in his arms and started to walk.Riddhima : Vansh, what are you doing? Make me land on the ground.Vansh : SHUT UP. You have sprained your leg. So you can’t walk. Now just listen to me and zip your mouth.Riddhima : You…Vansh placed his finger on Riddhima’s lips and made her quite. Riddhima can’t take her eyes from Vansh. Vansh entered the house by Riddhima in his arms. Everyone gathered there were Very happy seeing this.Dadi : What happened to Riddhu?Vansh landed her safely on the sofa and said.Vansh : She sprained her leg dadi. She is always careless.Dadi : Did you hurt much beta?Riddhima : No dadi. I am fine.Siya : I know Vansh bhai why she is careless. You’re always there for her to care, he na? (Winks)Hearing this both Vansh and Riddhima felt a happiness in their heart but didn’t show it outside because of their ego.Riddhima : I didn’t asked his help. He forcefully lifted me.Vansh : Put your ego aside. Let me call the doctor.When doctor arrived and checked Riddhima..Doctor : The sprain will be okay by tomorrow but for the pain injection is needed.Riddhima who heared the word ‘INJECTION’ started begging not to take injection.Riddhima(crying) : Please dr., i am afraid of it. Please dadi tell her. Vansh tell her not to take injection.Vansh : Okk..Ok. Relax my Cry baby. Doctor won’t take injection. I have a solution for your pain. Just play a game. You and I will look into each other’s eyes, who breaks the eye contact will lose. Ok.Riddhima : Ok.Then they looked into each others eyes deeply and lost in their own world.
Then Vansh instructed the doctor to take injection by his hands. Suddenly Riddhu felt the injection ‘s pain and cried.Riddhima : You cheated me Vansh..Vansh : If someone sprained their leg and needed injection for reducing pain then they should have it.Riddhima : Youu…OuchShe felt a pain and vansh became nervous.Vansh(worriedly) : What happened Riddhu??Riddhima : Nothing. You just go, I need sleep.Siya : You go Vansh bhai. I’ll be with her tonight.Riddhima : But..Siya : No ifs and buts. Its final.Vansh : Take care Riddhima. Good night.He went outside while Riddhima’s eyes were with him.Precap : Ahana : You’re in love Vansh.
Vansh : Am I really in love? Yes..I am in love. Thank you so much for making me realize my love.
He hugs Ahana.
Riddhima who heared the word ‘Love’ left from there crying.Today’s precap is a little longer. Please don’t mind it.Will the misunderstanding pays a huge impact on “Riansh” love story ?

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