A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 7)

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VR MANSIONRiddhima and Siya went downstairs for breakfast. Vansh and the whole family are already present on the dining table. When
Riddhima and Siya reached, everyone started to have their breakfast. Suddenly the dish of ‘meethi bhaarat’ is being holded by two hands. It is Vansh and Riddhima’s hands. They two looked into each others eyes deeply. But their moment is breaked by dadi.Dadi : These two are always opposite to each other but the common thing that they loves is ‘meethi bhaarat’.Siya : You are absolutely right dadi.Vansh and Riddhima give each other a look and then continued their breakfast. Vansh almost finished his breakfast. At that time they heard a knock on door.Vansh wake up from his seat and went to open the door. He felt a hug suddenly when he opened the door. Seeing this Riddhima stood fuming with anger and jealousy.Girl : Do you miss me my Vanshu.The word ‘Vanshu’ made Riddhima more angry.Vansh : Ahana…tum!!!…I really missed you a lot my Sweetheart.Riddhima’s anger reached its peak when Vansh called Ahana “sweetheart”. She holded her fist in anger.Riddhima(thinking) : Vansh never called me sweetheart. He always calls me Cry baby. And now he is calling this Ahana sweetheart…Vansh then entred the hall with Ahana.Vansh : Dadi, look who is here.Dadi : Ahana beta…Its been a long time since you came here.Ahana : What to do dadi ? Dad handed over the responsibility of business to me and I don’t know how days passed so fast.Saying so she hugged dadi. Everyone else except Riddhima and Siya went to Ahana and covered her with love and care which irritated Riddhima.Uma : Ahana beta, now you are here so you can’t go without staying here for a week.Ahana : Don’t worry Uma aunty. I’ll stay here but not for a week. Since I have business responsibilities I can’t stay away from it for too much days. But I’ll surely stay for two days. (To Vansh) Even I missed Vanshu a lot. That’s why I came here.Saying so she patted Vansh’s shoulder which made Riddhima more jealous.Riddhima(thinking) : Oh my God!!! Now I have to bear this witch for two days.Dadi : Riddhima beta, will you go today itself?Riddhima : No dadi. (Eying Ahana) Now Ahana is here,then how can I go. I’ll go after a week.Dadi : Its better dear. Inform this Rudra, otherwise he’ll panic when he don’t see you.Riddhima : Ok dadi.Riddhima and Siya went to her room.Siya : Riddhu, now I am well sure that something will happen in VR mansion in these two days.Riddhima : Siya, you know very well that I don’t like that witch(Ahana) since childhood.Siya : Umm…Who knows it better than me? Ahana is the only ‘girl’ friend of Vansh bhai.Riddhima (furiously) : She is not Vansh’s girl friend. She is just his friend who is a girl. Understood ??Siya : Riddhu…so you’re jealous of Ahana, right?Riddhima : Why would I be jealous of Ahana?Siya(smilingly) : Because you’re in love with Vansh bhai.Riddhima : No way..I…in love with that khadoos…Its impossible Siya.Siya : I have witnessed the impossible being possible these days(winking). That’s why you hate Ahana so much.Riddhima : I hate her since childhood because she is Vansh’s friend. Enemy’s friend is always enemy.Siya : Riddhu, You’re trying to hide your love for Vansh bhai by giving its a facade of enmity. You both fight all the time, but if any outsider troubles any one of you then you two will fight with him for each other. Its called love.Riddhima : Am I in love???Siya : Yes riddhu…You’re in love, that too with Vansh bhai. That’s why you feel hurt when Vansh bhai calls Ahana “sweetheart”. Even I feel hurted when someone tries to be close with Angre.Riddhima : How can I be in love with Vansh? What happens to me when he was around? Why did I enjoy the companionship of Vansh? Am I really in love?Scene shifts to Vansh’s roomAhana : Even after so many years there is no change in your Room. Vaise, Where is Riddhima? I just see a glimpse of her.Vansh : You know very well that she has the same enmity with you that she has with me.Ahana : Didn’t your and Riddhima’s Tom and Jerry fight ended yet?Vansh Do you think it will ever end in this birth? Anyway you go and freshen up, I’ll tell the servants to move the luggages to your room.Ahana : Ok Vanshu.At Riddhima’s roomSiya : What are you going to do?Riddhima : Now that Ahana will run from here within seconds (smiles evily).Riddhima shows a cockroach to Siya.Siya : Arre, move that cockroach away from me.Riddhima : My innocent Siya….Arre its a fake cockroach. You know very well that what makes Ahana scares the most, rightt??Siya : Cockroach. Riddhima, not bad. Now I understood your plan.Riddhima : Now just wait and watch what will this fake cockroach do to Ahana.At Ahana’s roomRiddhima and Siya entered Ahana’s room by peeking when Ahana was in washroom. They planted the Fake cockroach in Ahana’s cupboard.After sometime Ahana fresh up and came from bathroom. When she opened her cupboard…She screamed aloud.Ahana : Cockroach…..Someone please help me…Move this away from me..help..Vansh came to her room hearing her scream.Vansh : What happened Ahana?Ahana : Vansh, cockroach… please move it away from me..please…Vansh opened the cupboard and realized that it is a fake one.Vansh : Arey its a fake one. Someone pranked you.Ahana : What ! A fake one. But who wanted to prank me?Vansh : I am sure it is Riddhima.Ahana : Your and Riddhima ‘s fight have become a problem to me.Vansh : Don’t worry. We will make her taste her own medicine. (He smirks evily).At Riddhima’s roomRiddhima was coming from the washroom in her white bathrob.When she came towards the mirror she saw a lizard there and cried.Vansh came there and smiles seeing her. Riddhima ran towards Vansh and hugged him tightly.Riddhima : Vanshhh…lizard…please move it from here.When Riddhima hugged him, he forget everything around him and enjoyed the moment fully. When Riddhima understood the situation that she is hugging Vansh, she break the hug and move aside.Vansh : Riddhima, Now I am sure that I named you correct, “Cry baby”.Riddhima : Vansh its not the time for joke. Please… I am afraid of lizards.Vansh : I am very happy today. Firstly RIDDHIMA RAICHAND is pleading in front of me for help. Secondly you finally agreed that you’re afraid of something…That too a lizard… You’re impossible Riddhima.Riddhima : You can pull my leg later but remove the lizard from mirror.Vansh removed the FAKE lizard from mirror and take it to her.Riddhima (screaming & jumping) : Vansh move it away from me. I told you na that i am afraid of it.Vansh : Arrey Riddhu its a fake one just like the cockroach you have planted on Ahana’s room. I just made you taste your own medicine.Riddhima(angrily) : Vansh so you are pranking me…Now I won’t leave you and you so called SWEETHEART.She left the room angrily and went to Siya’s room. While Vansh stood smiling seeing Riddhima’s jealousy.Precap : Vansh lifts Riddhima in his arms. They share a eye lock.

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