A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 4)

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Everyone guessed the hoodie person but only one guessed it right. Thakur priyanka, you are right.So today’s episode is here…The Haldi ceremonySiya helped them to wake up and Riddhimma and Ragini went to their house. At night, a man in hoodie entred RR mansion through the window. He saw a girl focused on her phone standing near the bed. Her face is not visible to him since she stands turned. He closed her mouth by his hand. Suddenly Ragini came to Riddhima’s room and shocked.Man : Raginii..If you’re there then…He stand shocked and freed Riddhima from his hands.Ragini : Who are you?? I will call the police.Man removed his hoodie and said “Noo”.Ragini : Kabir, thum !!Riddhima : Kabir jiju, aap ?Kabir : Yes its me (embarrassedly) Actually I thought its Ragini…but..it was Riddhima…I am sorry Riddhu.Riddhima : Jiju, tomorrow is yours Haldi and after somedays you two will be husband and wife. So what’s the need to meet secretly like this. Thank god that I didn’t shout otherwise mom and dad would came to know this. Anyway I am going to my room and jiju you go fast…tomorrow is Haldi. Bye, good night.Ragini&Kabir : Good night Riddhu.Kabir left after spending sometime with Ragini.Next day evening at VR MANSION.A handsome guy with silky hair comes with a bouquet of yellow roses entered VR mansion. Its Aryan. Ishani and Ragini dressed in beautiful Yellow Lehenga came downstairs. The spot light is on them. Aryan bends in his knees and gave the bouquet to Ishani.Aryan and Kabir dressed in yellow and cream kurtha were sitting for the rasam. Everyone is looking great but no one met Vansh and Riddhima. Ishani noticed Riddhima coming from the kitchen holding Haldi bowl but she is limping. At the same time Kabir saw Vansh coming downstairs limping.Ishani : Why are you limping Riddhima? What happened to you?Kabir : Even Vansh is limping, What happened Vansh ?Angre : How did both of them have sprain in their legs at the same time ???Dadi : What happened Vansh beta?? Tell me Riddhima beta..How did your foots got sprain?Siya (controlling her laugh) : They…they played marble balls yesterday. Accidentally both have sprained their legs while playing.Vansh and Riddhima rolled their eyes towards Siya and gave her a sharp look. They have a awkward feeling.Rudra : What Vansh and Riddhima played marbles…that too at this age..Ajay : I wonder how did both of them stayed sometime together without quarelling!!!!Uma : Let it be. Now concentrate on the haldi function.Anupriya : Uma di is correct. Let’s concentrate on the function.Then everyone gathered there smeared haldi on both couples. They sang songs and danced a lot. And the function ended.Next day the whole girls and boys were discussing about sangeet function. They selected songs of their choice.Aryan : We selected the songs but we didn’t find a choreographer.Ishani : Don’t worry I have a friend – Sejal, she is a good choreographer. I’ll call her.The next day Sejal arrived VR Mansion. The girls and boys were paired with each other. The pairing is like this : Aryan-Ishani, Kabir-Ragini, Angre-Siya, and VANSH-RIDDHIMA.Vansh and Riddhima refused to be a pair but everyone somehow managed them to dance together. They finally agreed. When the dance practice was going on sejal find Riddhima and Vansh a perfect couple. But it slipped out of her tongue and it was a bit loud. Hearing Sejal’s statement everyone shocked.Everyone : WHAT!!!!!Vansh&Riddhima : No way.Sejal is shocked to their response.
Sejal : Did I say anything wrong?Ishani : Ofcourse seju..If they ever become a couple then it will be the World’s most DANGEROUS incident. There will be WORLD WAR 3 in the house everyday.Sejal : Is they two are too dangerous?Ishani : Its better not to ask.Sejal : Ok.After sometime they took a break and went to kitchen for coffee. Accidentally sejal’s cup of coffee get poured into Angre’s shirt.Sejal : I am so sorry.Angre : Its okay.Saying so he went to corner and removed his shirt.Sejal : What a handsome and hot guy!!!!Siya who heared this burnt with jealousy.Siya (to sejal) : Don’t look too much there. He is already booked.Sejal looked her puzzled.When Angre came after cleaning the shirt, siya started shooting him with her gazes.Siya : Don’t you have any shame to change your shirt in front that sejal.Angre understood that she is fuming with anger and jealousy.Angre : Ohhhh!!! My cutie pie is fuming with jealousy, right???Siya : Ofcourse I am jealous. I am possesive too when it comes to you.Precap : Vansh and Riddhima lost in each others eyes and danced involuntarily in the sangeet. All are looking at them but they two are unaware of it.The next episode is an amazing one. It have Riansh’s brewing love and an emotional part too. So don’t miss it.

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