A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 26 ) Shopping Mania

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Hello readers, Yesterday I was physically and mentally tired and in a bad mood too. So I couldn’t write or post. First of all sorry for not posting . Actually my Aunt is tested covid positive and uncle and aunt are in quarantine. So please pray for my Aunt and Uncle. I am not adding pictures to this episode as i am not feeling well. Let’s start…..After the engagement party all of them went to their respective rooms and packed their stuffs. They boarded the flight and reached Mumbai. All of them went straight to VR Mansion as both families are there to discuss about wedding arrangements.When they reached VR Mansion, Riddhima ran to hug dadi but stopped suddenly and didn’t went near anyone.Dadi : What happened Riddhu ?Riddhima : Dadi, we all are coming from aboard and the situation now is also worse due to corona. So I think we should go to quarantine for a week as per advice of officers.Vansh : Yes dadi. Riddhima is right. Moreover you are here and God forbid if anyone of us is Covid positive so it will affect all of you badly. That’s why we decided to isolate us for a week.Ajay : I think Vansh and Riddhima is right.Ragini : But arrangements are still incomplete, right ?Rudra : We all will manage it.Ishani : But, how will we do shopping ?(Yaham quarantine ki baat ho rahi hai aur bechari ko shopping ki yaad ho rahi hai 🤣🤣🤣)Aryan : We will do shopping after our quarantine.Then Riansh, Anya, Ishaan and Ragbir went to quarantine. They are tested negative so they ended their quarantine and got busy in Wedding arrangements.Ishani : Riddhu, Bhai, there is only 4 days for wedding. We 8 didn’t buy dress for wedding. Moreover you two are the bride and groom and yours dress isn’t finalized yet. I think we should do the wedding shopping today itself. We are left out of time.(jaaye jo kuch bhi ho jaaye uski dimaag se shopping ki soch kabhi nahi jaayegi😅😅😅)Riddhima : Ishani bhabi is right Vansh. I haven’t done my wedding shopping yet.Vansh : Sweetheart, there is still 4 days for our wedding and if it is about shopping, we can do it even in the wedding eve. Its not a big thing.All girls : WHAT !!!Vansh is shocked to see their reaction but Karyan is familiarized to it.Kabir (murmuring) : I really pity for Vansh. He don’t know what he said now.Aryan (to kabir) : Yeah bro. Don’t worry he’ll get familiarized to it. And he won’t say this ever after marriage.Vansh : Why all of u giving me such a dangerous look ? Did I say anything wrong ?Riddhima (angry) : Vansh….You don’t know how important the wedding shopping is for us girls. Its an unavoidable and important thing in our life. But you’re taking it lightly….She gives him a dangerous look and its enough for him to understand how serious girls are about shopping moreover their own wedding shopping.Ishani : Riddhu is absolutely right bhai. How can u think wedding shopping isn’t important for us ?Vansh : Maaf karo mujhe (Forgive me). I won’t ask about it again. So can we go now.All : Yes.They all reach City mall and all couples go to different directions.Riddhima buys a dress only after trying 10 dresses. And Vansh’s condition is terrible.(Bechara Vansh kabhi nahi Riddhu ke saath shopping ke liye aayega😜🤣)Riddhima : Vansh how is this dress ?Vansh : Its nice. Take it.Riddhima : No. Its light color. We will try other.Sometime later…Riddhima : How is this one Vansh ?Vansh (exhausted) : Sweetheart, its very beautiful. You buy it. Now can we go ?Riddhima : Even I liked it but the work is too heavy. We will try other.Vansh be like 😤😤😤😤.Finally after 6 hours she purchased Costumes for Haldi, Sangeet, Mehendi, Wedding and some other casuals too.Vansh is the one who is carrying her shopping bags. She is going towards jewellery shop.Vansh : Riddhima, can we go home now. I’ll purchase my dress within half an hour.Riddhima : Vansh, you can buy your dress even in wedding eve. But I have to buy the jewelley and I have to go to Beauty Parlour. We will go home after that.Vansh : Seriously Riddhima 🙄🙄…. You said that wedding shopping is important for all bride and groom. Now you’re saying that I can buy my dress for wedding even in wedding eve.Riddhima : Vansh, You boys doesn’t want much time for shopping right. But we girls do. So like a good boy come with me to the jewellery shop.Vansh is tired because of Riddhima’s shopping mania. In the way to jewellery shop, Ishaan and Riansh met. Riddhima and Ishani are busy chatting about their dress.Aryan : How is your shopping with Riddhu, Vansh ?Vansh : Aryan, I sometimes wonder she’ll buy whole shop but she buys dress only after trying all dresses in the shop. How are u managing to shop with her till these years yaar ?Aryan : I said to u earlier that Riddhu is Shopholic but you didn’t listened to me now tolerate.Riddhima : Vansh, why are u wasting so much time ? I have to do more shopping.Ishaani and Aryan left them for other shopping.Vansh : Riddhima, you’re making this GREAT VANSH RAISINGHANIA your coolie.Riddhima : Vansh, you’re saying so much for just picking 3-4 bags.Vansh : Just 3-4 bags !!! Can’t u see the other bags in my hand.Riddhima : Leave the fight and come, I have to buy necklaces and other ornaments.Vansh’s POV :Oh God!!! How much would I have to tolerate….Don’t know how much more time she needs to buy jewellery. Please give me the tolerance and patience to tolerate her after marriage. God please save me.Vansh’s POV ends.Riddhima is trying different types of jeweleries and Vansh is losing his tolerance.Riddhima : Vansh, How is this necklace ? What about this bangles ? Is this work too old fashioned ?Vansh : Buy whatever you want. I’ll be sitting in the sofa. Come to me after your shopping ends.Riddhima : You boys don’t know how tough is to select our dresses and ornaments. Hmm😤….You go and sit anywhere, I will take my time to shop.Vansh : Okay😤(Atleat uski bags pakadne se aazad hogayi bechara 😌😌😌)Saying so Vansh went to sofa and sit there and Riddhima continued her Shopping.Precap : An Enemy…Hope all of you enjoyed Riddhu’s shopping mania and Vansh’s state. If there is any grammatical mistake pls forgive me. Don’t forget to drop comments. I request My silent readers atlest drop an emoji indicating your view on my story. And please don’t forget to pray for my aunt’s recovery. Be safe and always obey advices of health department #Stay Home Stay Safe….

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