A Change In Life – KKB FF (Chapter 8)

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Chapter 8Hey guys,,, Iam here with my new chapter. Thanks for your support. Comment me.Shahana:- Prachi, where is this?Prachi:- actually, I don’t know.Shahana:- Prachi ki bachi tum bhi na…Prachi:- wait I have an idea.Shahana:- what?Prachi calls Virat.Prachi:- Hello.Virat:- Hello.Prachi:- Is it Virat?Virat:- no, your husband.Prachi:- what?Virat:- you called to my phone and is asking is it me? What is this Prachi.Prachi:- woh….Virat:- look, tell me fast, it’s going to 12.00. I have other things.Prachi:- woh.. Papa asked about you.Virat:- what?Prachi:- where is your orphanage?Shahana smiles.Virat:- ok, it’s near our office. There is a smal way near the temple, near the hotel. Prachi:- ok, thanks. ( Cut the call )Shahana:- get it?Prachi:- yaaa…. (Hugs shahana) come.At orphanageMany children are there. They are all dressed up nicely. The house was decorated nicely, not luxurious, but beautiful.One girl:- Virat bhai, am I looking nice?Virat:- Haan, ketki.Vihaan:- bhai, look cake is ready. (Virat looks on) Don’t worry, it is sugarless.Virat:- ok. Look, chotu, when we tell, you have to bring mam.Someone knock the door.Virat:- who is this? That too at this time?Vihaan:- don’t know. Anyway open it.Virat:- Haan, I will see.. (opens the door and was surprised) Prachi…… Shahana…….you both , here.Vihaan:- why are you both here?Shahana:- don’t you have manners? What type of question is this?Virat:- acha, now I realised why do you called me, late?Prachi:- isn’t it nice? We surprised you.Vihaan:- you both give us heart attack.Ketki:- bhai, who is this? Is they your girlfriend?Virat:- not mine, but I don’t know about Vihaan..(laughs)(shahana blushes).Vihaan:- bhai…Virat:- joking. Come, it’s 11.58. Come children.Prachi and shahana looks at each other.Vihaan and Virat:- Prachi, Shahana come.Prachi and Shahana:- Haan.The clock striked 12.00 clock and all children and other sings ‘ Happy Birthday to you Mam’ loudly. Mam comes there.Ketki:- Mam…Smitha:- Haan, thank you my dears..(kisses them, they all share a group hug, Prachi and Shahana looks at them happily) Virat, Vihaan, these are all your preparations, isn’t it? What is the need?Virat:- today, is our lovely mam’s birthday.Vihaan:- so how can we not celebrate it.Smitha:- haan my jaan. Love you all…. (Sees Prachi and shahana) who is this?Virat:- this is Prachi and Shahana.Smitha:- oh your assistant. Namasthe.Prachi:- namasthe.Shahana:- hello.Virat:- mam, we forgot. It’s cake time. Come on. Prachi come.Prachi:- haan.Shahana looks at Vihaan, Virat eyes Vihaan.Vihaan:- bhai….. Shahana come.All laughs.They all cut the cake and feed each other.All were very happy. Childrens gave handmade greeting cards to Smitha Mam, even Virat and Vihaan. Atlast, they give the saree to her. Prachi was anxious to know whether she likes it or not. Smitha Mam opens the box.Smitha:- wow! Peach saree. I loved it. (The four smiles) whose selection is this? Not of tillu and Littu.Shahana:- who is this tillu and littu.Virat:- tillu mein and Littu Vihaan.Shahana:- ohh..Smitha:- tell me maa.. whose selection is this. (The trio looks at Prachi) is it yours?(Smitha Mam asked to Prachi)Prachi:- haan.Smitha:- come here. (Prachi goes and Smitha mam hugs her.) Nice saree. I loved it. You both are good. You came to wish me at this hour. Thank you.Prachi:- Happy Birthday aunty.Smitha:- thanks. (Cries) tillu, Littu you both are lucky to have them as friends.They all smiles. Their celebration continues. Vihaan and shahana were busy with each other and the children. Smitha mam was video calling her daughter, who is in America. Prachi looks at everything.Virat:- what happened? Is there any shortage?Prachi:- I don’t know if there is any shortage but something is more – happiness, which I don’t see in my life. When we were not here, all were good, but when I come here all get changed.Virat:- what happened?Prachi:- everything was bad. On my birthday, I was sent to jail. Everybody hated me, even my sister. She was jealous of me. Because of her, I lose someone who was very special to me. All my happiness were short-lived. Actually I hate my life. (Cries) Virat:- Prachi…Prachi:- I don’t have anyone. Actually I am jealous of you all. Even if you not have parents, you all are happy in your world. But look at me, even I have my parents, I can’t be happy. I have to sacrifice everything, even my first love. My heart become stone. I can’t be Happy. (Cries)Virat:-Prachi, why are you crying? Look we don’t have anything. In my childhood I and Vihaan will sit in a corner and cried. But we understood we have to see everything with positive mind, not negetive. Then our life will be happy. Past is past, don’t let your past takes over your present.(Prachi looks on) Not my words, but suits now. And I don’t want to know your past and I can’t see my friend sad. So don’t cry. Smile….smile…(Prachi smiles) This is my Prachi, Ms Arrogant. Can I tell you one thing sacrifice is good, but sacrificing our dear ones doesn’t make sense.Prachi:- look, I don’t want to talk about it.Virat:- ok sorry. Friends (he move his hands forward)Prachi:- we are already friends (they shake hands).Virat:- so selfie is needed.Prachi:- really?Virat:- Haan.They take the selfie, Prachi looks at Virat.Shahana:- can we come.Virat:- no, actually I was going to propose her. But you two came and spoil it.Prachi:- what? When?Shahana:- really?Vihaan:- he is lying.Prachi:- but your bhai is too much. Mr Mad. (They both smiles)Shahana:- wow Prachi, you gave name to him.Vihaan:- not so bad.Virat:- I think we all should take a selfie. Come. (They takes selfie).Shahana:- Vihaan, come.lets play with kids.Vihaan:- haan. (Goes)Prachi:- she is childish.Virat:- sometime to become happy, we have to be a little childishness. Go with them, you will enjoy.Prachi:- but I don’t want to disturb them.Virat:- what?Prachi:- Haan…… actually…… nothing.Virat:- shahana has a crush on Vihaan, isn’t it? (Prachi smiles) Vihaan also has that. May be it will turn red or black.Prachi:- what?Virat:- arey, red means love, black means break up.Prachi:- really.Virat:-sachi.They both smiles the screen freezes on their facesSo ya here it is. Tell me your opinion.

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