1st Epi – Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update:

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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 30th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
The show starts with the voiceover of the haveli describing the City Lucknow and telling that the haveli is divided into two owners. She tells that the haveli has two colors outside. She says one side stays is Zafar Mirza, his wife Sakina, Ammi Begum Noor Jahan and 2 kids.. Other side stays, Ramesh Prasad Mishra, his wife Shanti, father brij Mishra and three kids. She says except kids, Mirza and Mishra family want to get the other side of the haveli. She introduces the third person Pappu Pandey and Bittu Kapoor. Mirza and Mishra follow the kite on different rickshaws and run on the road and climb on the terrace to get the kite. Mishra gets the kite while Mirza hold the thread. They argue and keep whatever they get and warns other that they will kill the other. Their wives come to their rescue and argue with each other. They take stand for their husbands, and tell that though their husband work for them in their side of house, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can lower them, etc. Brij Mishra and Noor Jahan also argue over the kite. The kids come and take the kids from there.Shanti bursts at Mishra for leaving the shop and running behind the kite. Mishra says he will go to shop. Shanti asks him not to fool her and sweep the house. She says Mirza might get all the haveli. Mishra says what to do, we don’t have property papers. Sakina tells Mirza that Mishra might get the haveli. Mirza swears that Mishra can’t take Haveli from him and swears that he will throw Mishra one day. Sakina asks him to peel the peas. Brij Mohan and Noor Jahan watch the kids flying kites together. Noor Jahan gives him some powder so that he can get rid of constipation problem. Shanti and Sakina think to end the fight to know what is in their heart. Sakina and Shanti act good and tells that they shall not interfere in their husband’s fight. They insult each other’s insult. Shanti asks Sakina what is she cooking? Sakina says Chole…Shanti shows her bangles and says ferozabad Mausi sent it. Sakina thinks she had bought it from the road side. They talk about Paro. Paro comes there and tells that she got late due to her husband. She gives news about someone’s haveli falling down and tells them that the haveli might fall down anytime, and if they ask Bittu and Pappu then they might help them get a good price of the haveli from the govt.Mishra and Mirza looks at Bittu and Pappu and tells that they are good friends of good times and enemies of bad times. Mishra asks Bittu and Pappu, how come they are together today. Mirza says they will dupe someone today. Pappu asks Mishra to make Paan. Bittu asks Mirza to make tea for him. Bittu tells Mishra that if he wants then he might get a good amount for his side of haveli. Mishra refuses. Mirza also refuses to sell haveli.Mishra searches for the electricity bill receipt to prove that the haveli is theirs. Shanti reminds him that during british times, there was no electricity in homes. He says let me search the proofs. Brij Mohan comes there and searches something. Mishra asks him to get English medicine. Brij Mohan refuses, saying it is a curse. Mishra gets a paper with British stamp on it, which is in Urdu. He thinks to make Mirza read it, thinks he is enemy, but his own enemy.They come out to fetch the water. Mishra asks Mirza to read the letter and gives him money. Mirza says if you had passed 9th then could have read. Mirza reads that it is Queen’s order that the haveli shall be turn into a mental asylum, the people staying there will be sent to kala pani, if don’t agree to leave the haveli. They get shocked that their haveli will turn into a mental asylum. Mirza tears the letter into two and throws it afar. Paro gets the letter and reads it. She thinks they are gone.No Precap. Update Credit to: H Hasan

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