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Hey everybody. Today i came with a new update hope you all will like it. Thanks for your lovely comments in my previous OS. Hope you all will like my today’s OS. So let’s start…P.S:I will write V for Vansh and R for Riddhima.At 12:00amV: Hey sweetheart, happy marriage anniversary,wake up you sleep so much.R:(she wakes up and sits beside him) Happy marriage anniversary Vansh.V: We spend 1year together and i want to spend all my life with you with same love and care which we have now.R:Yes Vansh. Do you remember our first meet?V: How can i forgot about it. It was the best day of my life.FLASHBACK STARTS…Dadi: Beta Vansh today is your dad’s death anniversary. Today I go to temple and give food and clothes to all those children who lives there.V: Yes dadi I knew it. But why are you saying this now you should get ready for that.D: Beta I am not feeling well can you go today. Please beta.V: Okay fine dadi I will go but do i need to call a doctor?D: No beta if i take rest then i will be fine.V:Okay dadi you take rest i will manage it.At the temple…Vansh closed his eyes and folded his hands and praying towards god, when a girl came and stand in front of him and she also prays to god closing amd folding her eyes. When Vansh opened his eyes he saw a beautiful girl was standing in front of him.V’s pov: Who is she? That does’t matter but she has a mesmerizing eyes and by seeing her I can say how pure her heart is.She was none other than Riddhima. When she opened her eyes she saw a hot and handsome guy staring her. But she don’t feel awkward instead of that she starts to think how handsome he looks. They share a eyelock when panditji came and said: may god blessed you two, and you two lead a happy and blessed life together. And saying this he went.They didn’t say anything and went from there.After that day they got busy in there respective lives but due to destiny’s wish they again meet in a party.In that party they didn’t misuse the opportunity and exchanged their numbers and soon they grew friends from unknown and from friends to two love birds…FLASHBACK ENDS..V: I really thank god for that day.R: Really it was destiny who is responsible for our first meet. It was so sweet.V: Yes. Do you remember how you proposed me?R: Yah I remember that day very well.V: But you should not do like that, I was so tenses for you.R: But if i don’t told you like that i know you will not come because before that we had a quarrel for an ice-cream.V: How silly we are! Who quarrels for an ice-cream.R: We become tom and jerry when we start to fight.V: Yes, I am tom and your jerry because I love to disturb you.By saying these he kissed her on his lips.R: You just need an opportunity for this.V: Mr. Vansh RaiSinghania never left an opportunity unused.R: Not Vansh RaiSinghania but it will be THE GREAT DARPOK RAISINGHANIA.V: Huh? Darpok and me? Never ever.R: Leave all this. Today is our anniversary. Tell me how I propsed you.V: You propsed me by…..FLASHBACK STARTS…V: Angre i have sign all these files. You arranged a meeting with Mr. Aggarwal for the deal.A: Okay boss.After saying this he left from there.After that Vansh gets a call from Riddhima.V:(in his mind) I will not receive your call. You fight with me for an ice-cream,huh? First you have to apologize then i will think i will talk or not.But i can’t ignore your call because i love you. But do you love me? I feel scare to propse you. Let be i will receive your call because i can’t resist myself.In the call:V: Hello.R: Vansh please come fast. I….I meet… with an acc..accident in xyz place.She suddenly cut the call without giving time to vansh to say anything. Vansh rush towards the place to save her.After reaching there he saw riddhima was wearing a red saree and standing with a rose. He run towards her and said while checking if there is any wounds on her body.V: Are you fine? You told you met with an accident. Hey speak up anything.Riddhima don’t say anything but sits in front of him to propose him and said,R:If i could give you any gift then I will give you joy and happiness. I you to be mine forever. I want you to be my everything. My love for you has no end. I will love you till my last breath. Do you love me Vansh?Vansh was totally shocked he could not believe a girl proposed him that to Riddhima.V: I can’t say so much but I can say I love you most. I can surely say you no one can love you more than me Riddhima. I love you so much.R: I love you too Vansh and I want to spend all my life with you.Vansh made her stand and kissed her on her forehead.FLASHBACK ENDS…V: But you why you told about accident. Please don’t say like these. I love you Riddhima.R: Love you too Vansh.V: Love you three.R: What? Okay love you four.V: Love you five and now stop.Riddhima kissed him on his cheeks and said: My love for you is pure and it can’t be count by 1 2 or 3.V: I know Riddhima. Hey I arranged a party for today but now let’s go to sleep it’s already 1:00 am.R: Yah let’s sleep. Good night baby.She giggles and sleptV: What she call me baby? Oh my god. Riddhu plz once more plz plz. Oh shit she slept. Okay today in the morning i will see her.Vansh also slept.End of my OS. I don’t know about the length. Is it fine? If it is not then from next time I will try to write more. Please ignore my mistakes. Love you all and bye for now. I will again come with a new OS. And i will also try to start a new fanfiction. But I have my board xams from May so I think i will upload my fanfiction after xam only. Okay bye guys and love you all❤❤.

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